Referral Program – Terms of Service

1.   What is the CeeNee Refer-A-Friend Program

The CeeNee Refer-A-Friend Program rewards our customers for referring their friends to CeeNee. When a valid referral is made, the referrer receives a $10 credit toward the account, and their friend receives a $10 discount toward the current order.

2.   How It Works

  • Sign up now for CeeNee’s Refer-A-Friend Program.
  • Share your customized link with your friends.
  • Watch as your friends become CeeNee customers. Your friend places an order of $80 or more for a new CeeNee device.
  • Earn rewards for you($10.00) and your friends ($10.00). For each new referred order of $80 or more, we will credit your account $10.00. This credit will be applied to your next purchase. If you purchase something that costs less than the equivalent of $10.00, we will continue to apply the remainder of your credit to subsequent purchases until the full credit amount has been applied.

3.   Eligibility

  • This offer only applies to CeeNee customers in good standing and those customers whom they refer to buy CeeNee products.
  • Affiliate and Reseller plans as well as any other promotional rewards are excluded from this offer.
  • Credits will only be issued if your referral customized link is applied when the order is initially created via CeeNee website at the time of sale.
  • Credits will be applied within 14 days after your friend makes the purchase.
  • This offer is not valid where prohibited by law, or in any jurisdiction whose laws materially affect the terms of this offer.

4.  When does the program launch and expire?

The program launched September 15, 2013. As of this date, all new Refer-A-Friend referrals go through this program. The credit rewards expires by the end of the current year.

5.  How long does it take a referrer to receive their reward?

Once a referral has been verified, the referrer receives an email informing them that they have earned a reward. The reward is sent via email approximately one to two weeks later.

6.   Program Terms

  • Referral credits must be for new customers placing orders directly via
  • Credits will not be applied retroactively.
  • Credits will be applied to your next purchase(s).
  • CeeNee reserves the right to revoke credits for violations to its Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, for fraud, refunds, cancellations and charge-backs or a substantial change in business circumstances.
  • Details of the program are subject to change without notice.
  • All credits  expire at the end of the current year.

7.   Credit Limits

  • No limit applies to the number of credits that can be rewarded for individual referrals.
  • There is no cash value for credits under any referral offer with CeeNee, Inc. Credits are non-refundable.