3TB Hard Drive Karaoke Preloaded
3TB Hard Drive Karaoke Preloaded3TB Karaoke HDDKaraoke Songbook3TB Hard Drive Karaoke Preloaded WDSeagate_HDDSeagate_HDD_enclosure

Product Description

Purchase directly from CeeNee distributors with an exclusive CeeNee discounted price, WD/Seagate Hard Drive Karaoke preloaded with high quality and high definition songs  including a songbook


WD/Seagate Hard Drive Karaoke preloaded
1 Song book

For more information, please contact CeeNee distributors directly. All you can do is mention “CeeNee” to get the best deal on music content:

  1. Washington – Quan Store (Phone: 360-931-5436, Email: quanstore@yahoo.com)
  2. California (San Jose) – Laser World Karaoke (Phone: 408-531-1341, Email: laserworldkaraoke@ymail.com, Link to buy: https://laserworldkaraoke.3dcartstores.com/HD-Karaoke-for-Ceenee-2TB-9552-songs-Vietnamese-English-only_p_142.html)
  3. California (Garden Grove)- Passion Karaoke (Phone: 714-638-8399, Email: nguyendunga2002@yahoo.com)
  4. California (Oakland)- Mai’s TV (Phone: 510-839-6221, Email: maistvoakland@aol.com)
  5. California (Rosemead/Westminster)- Vega TV (Phone: 626-288-4880, Email: vegatv@gmail.com)
  6. California (Westminster)- California Karaoke (Phone: 714-260-8185, Email: cakaraoke@yahoo.com)
  7. Texas – Mi Video (Phone: 512-837-0213, Email: sihong_usa@yahoo.com)
  8. Massachusetts – My Xuyen Corp (Phone: 617.288.5726, Email: myxuyencorp@gmail.com)
  9. Oregon – Viet Tech (Phone: 503-922-1508, Email: tin@vtechplace.com)
  10. Kansas – Viettech Store (Phone: 316-260-0134, Email: sales@viettech.us)

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 6 in