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Let’s meet at CES 2014!

Let's meet at CES 2014!

We’d love to see you at CES 2014! Trump Broadway Meeting Room, Floor 4th (here) Every year we enjoy showcasing our latest ideas and partnerships at CES in Las Vegas. This January we will have some great demos across the show floor with our partners, and in our own booth at …

QCeeNee HD 1.0.0 for CeeNee BeeGee released

QCeeNee HD 1.0.0 for CeeNee BeeGee released

If you own a media player from, this app will turn your Android device into a WiFi remote control for your CeeNee player like a physical remote, except better! Besides remote-control features, this app will also let you preview the song book and select song directly from your Android device, …

10 Tech Companies That Are Basically Hipster Indie Music Acts

There’s plenty of ammo for the argument that tech professionals are basically total hipsters. But the reality is, the companies themselves are pretty much analogous to indie hipster music acts. 10 Tech Companies That Are Basically Hipster Indie Music Acts are: 1. Facebook 2. Amazon 3. Zynga 4. Pinterest 5. Instagram 6. …

Why There Are So Many Terrible Movies On Netflix

A recent Pacific Standard article gives a glimpse into the answer—a peek into the strange world where Big Data and low-budget movie studios collide. The article profiles Asylum, the infamous “mockbuster” rip-off movie studio that churns out content on a shoestring budget based on what will sell, paying no mind to what’s actually …

Alejandro Sanz Karaoke? There’s an App for That

With a new karaoke app for Alejandro Sanz’s song “La Música No Se Toca,” fans of the Spanish star can record covers of the title track of his 2012 album, which spent 23 weeks on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, and is currently at No. 14. Read more Source: