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CeeNee Inc.‘s headquarters is located in San Jose, California.  CeeNee is very proud to manufacture all of its media players in the U.S.A. CeeNee launched the first consumer product “CeeNee mini” in 2010. After being successful with CeeNee mini, CeeNee keeps innovating new products CeeNee miniPlus and CeeNee eeTee in 2011, CeeNee CuTee in 2012, and CeeNee BeeGee in 2013. The successful story of the CeeNee products has established CeeNee as a well-recognized consumer electronic brand.

Challenging the limits among TV, shared network, storage devices and the Internet, CeeNee gives consumers a complete innovative experience over how they experience HD movies, digital photos, music, karaoke and more. Especially, the built-in CeeNee’s karaoke application is very unique in its own nature.

CeeNee is a leading consumer electronics manufacturer in both wired/wireless home entertainment and digital electronics. The company’s digital home entertainment products open up a new era of unlimited media streaming possibilities.

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