New Firmware Release 1.4.0 for CeeNee BeeGee

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New Firmware Release 1.4.0 for CeeNee BeeGee

Postby ceenee_support » Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:59 pm

After a tremendous amount of development and testing time, CeeNee is happy to announce the release of the latest firmware, version 1.4.0 for both of the CeeNee BeeGee. Users are requested to download this firmware version onto the USB drive through the computer and update the units to the latest firmware version. To prevent update failure, please use the USB that has at least 500MB of empty space.

Below are features of the 1.4.0 firmware:

1. Resumable songs queue. The songs queue is memorized by the player. If the player gets out of Karaoke mode accidentally or intentionally, user has an option to reload the ongoing songs queue when getting back to Karaoke.
2. Added subtitle options such as changing color, size, and position.
3. Enhanced microphone inputs sound quality (See note 2 below).
4. Enhance Auto Audio Volume Control feature to control the audio volume better.
5. New Select/Deselect Karaoke folder style.

1) Users have to use computers to download this firmware version to the USB drive and update the BeeGee units.

2) The BeeGee mixer's output had been tuned/calibrated/measured in our lab using professional scopes and instruments to get the best output quality thus far. We then verify the output quality with some amplifiers that we have (Sony, Denon, and Martin Roland). However, every customer may have a different amplifier with different settings. Therefore, to obtain the best sound quality with your system, please take some times to calibrate/adjust your amplifier to suit your taste when using it with the BeeGee unit. Please keep in mind that our mixer is generic. You may need to reduce the treble or using the sound equalizer in your amplifier to tune it. Try various sound effects (Large Hall, Small Hall, Church, Concert, etc...), or even try using no sound effect (just equalizer only) to see if you can get the best output.

To download the firmware, please visit this link:
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