New Firmware Release 1.8.0 for CeeNee eeTee and miniPlus

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New Firmware Release 1.8.0 for CeeNee eeTee and miniPlus

Postby ceenee_support » Tue Oct 09, 2012 1:13 pm


CeeNee is happy to announce the release of its latest firmware 1.8.0 for both of the CeeNee eeTee and CeeNee miniPlus. Users are requested to download this firmware version on the USB drive through the computer and update the units to the latest firmware version.

Below are features of the 1.8.0 firmware for CeeNee eeTee and CeeNee miniPlus:

1. Support Karaoke Play in Random and Sequence mode.
2. More friendly songs book creating/updating workflow
3. New built-in Web browser. Please note that this is only an experimental Webkit browser, not a computer browser. It will not support sites that have Adobe Flash contents or may not display web pages correctly as a computer's web browser.
4. Additional applications such as Amazon, Facebook, and Gmail.
5. Faster hard drive scanning
6. Sync songs book to your iOS device. You need to install iCeeNee on Apple Appstore.

Bugs Fixed:

1. Database updating errors
2. Hard drive scanning gets stuck randomly

To download the firmware, please visit this link:
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