New Firmware Release 2.4.0 for CeeNee mini

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New Firmware Release 2.4.0 for CeeNee mini

Postby ceenee_support » Mon Jun 25, 2012 3:17 pm

CeeNee brings a great pleasure to release its latest firmware 2.4.0 for CeeNee mini. User
are requested to download this firmware version on the USB drive through the computer and
update the units to the latest firmware version.

Due to some technical limitations, YouTube support is stopped for a while. CeeNee will
release a new firmware soon to start supporting YouTube application.

Here are features of the 2.4.0 firmware for CeeNee eeTee :

1. Fast audio switching between 2 sounds tracks for the karaoke files.

2. Supports Database method for big hard drives and scanning of such hard drives is made

3. Support up-to 4TB external HDD.

Bug Fixed:

1. Abrupt system corruption is resolved by implementing new and improved software.

Known Bugs:

1. If you are playing any media file through CeeNee mini unit and if you switched off the TV momentarily and switch on again then Ceenee mini unit may not be able to display the correct TV signal. This issue has been observed only on very few TV sets. This issue is seen only because of different handshaking timings are used by different manufactures. This issue can temporarily be resolved by just selecting different input for TV for few seconds and switching back to the correct HDMI input. This issue can also be successfully addressed by restarting the ceenee unit.

You can download the firmware at this link:
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